22 September 2008

Late summer capelet

An excellent pattern for the late summer weather in my country, the Netherlands. I feel protected against any rain, but it isn't too warm. I can choose if I wear a cardigan with long sleeves underneath or just a short sleeved t-shirt. It all depends on what weather it will be that day. And I've had many compliments wearing this.

How I made this capelet: I modified the cape/coat pattern from Burda 08/2007. I wanted to make a short capelet, which would close in front, so it wouldn't blow all around me when cycling to work. So I decided to lose the lower halve of the pattern (and the epaulets, I don't like them). It was very easy to make, and I could still use the Burda sewing description despite my alterations to the pattern. It closes with snaps (because I hate making buttonholes) and has fabric covered wooden buttons on top. The belt is attached at the back (actually there are two beltpieces) and goes through the holes in the front.

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