25 October 2008

Fabric fighting

Every spring and autumn a great fabric market is held at different places in my country, something like a traveling circus with fabric instead of animals. These markets are always indoors, so no problem with rain and such. You can find almost any fabric at those markets! Even the most beautiful fake (they look almost real) furs. Fabric prices range from 2€ per meter to 200€ per meter! So for the bargain hunters amongst us… it’s a heaven!

But….getting to these fabrics is lays the problem. This kind of market attracts all kinds of people, you see. Elder with strollers, women with buggy’s, children, and more! When you just look at a fabric role, another woman almost pushes you aside and snaps it up right in front of your eyes. It is like those low prices almost make us animals again!
Thank god there were not so many women at the market past Wednesday, because I really hate getting a buggy shoved against my ankles! You really have to fight for your fabric. Grrr.

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