30 November 2009

Swiss skirt

I've been so busy these last months with all kinds of stuff. It's like I have ADD, I can't seem to concentrate on one project, so I just do many projects at once! So I said to myself today: you're gonna sit down and write a blogpost!

First I want to show you a skirt I made in spring. The fabric was bought at one of the annual spring fabric markets. It's a nice cotton with a red and white print on it, which somehow reminds me of Switzerland? The skirt is made like the one in my last post. But the cotton fabric alone was a little see-through, so instead of lining it, I made a seperate underskirt. The top skirt and the underskirt are only attached at the top, where the waistband begins.

So you see I've attached a ribbon at the center back and which can be tied in the front. At the center back is the zipper. The lace from the underskirt peeks out from under the skirt itself.

And here you can see the underskirt, a simple white cotton rectangle with some lace at the hem. The bonus of this skirt are the two hidden pockets, both on each side. They aren't very deep, so I've had a few accidents of losing my stuff while cycling on my bike. So I'll have to find a solution for that, perhaps a button or two at the 'hidden' entrance.

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30 July 2009

Cherry skirt to dress

About a year ago I bought some really nice cherry-print fabric. I love cherry-print fabrics!
So I made this skirt out of it.

The skirt uses basically two rectangles, each 75 cm x 100 cm, for the skirtpiece and two smaller rectangles for the stomachpiece. The stomachpieces are made by using my waist and hip measurement, and the distance between those two. So each piece is on top the half of the waist measurement, the height is the distance between the waist and hip. And the lower part of the piece is half of my hip measurement. I hope I've explained it right this way, it's easier to draw than to write. Unfortunatly I don't own a scanner (and am very crappy with paint) so I couldn't put in a drawing of it.

The skirt pieces are both pleated using the boxpleating method until half of the hip measurement is reached (or until it fit's the stomach piece).

The zipper is inserted at one of the seams at the side.
And so I got my skirt. I've made about 4 skirts the same way, they just fit so nicely and have a nice 'Swoosh'.

But after a while, perhaps last month, I wasn't so happy with the skirt anymore. It was a bit too long and too wide on the hips (did I loose some weight?). So one evening while rummaging through my fabric stash I found the cherry-print scraps from when I made the skirt. Then an idea popped up, couldn't I use this fabric and make the skirt into a dress? Besides skirts, I absolutely love dresses.

So I went searching for some nice examples, and my eye was caught by those rockabilly/pin-up dresses. They use cherryprint dresses as well, so perhaps I could make mine look like one of theirs? A few examples:
This, this, this and this.

And so I drafted two halterstyle pieces for the bust. The ends can be tied together at the neck or can cross at the back and hook on the buttons. So it can be a halterstyle dress or a cross laced back. See the pics. I just love this dress! Perfect for summer.

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04 June 2009

Polkadot skirt

As usual I'm all about the planning and not getting to the sewing. But this time I did it.
One free evening I decided to sew a dress from my 'dress-plan'. The black and white polkadot fabric was already in my fabric stash so I only had to get it out. The pattern would be easy, I would make a skirt section (150x50 cm), a belly section and two long parts which would go from under each breast to behind my neck. All said and done, I had too few fabric!
So I decided to make a skirt, which would also look nice. Maybe a skirt was even better with those polkadot's, it would be less conspicuous (not that I don't mind).

I used the pattern from Burda Easyfashion spring/summer 2009. They had a wondeful section with 50's/rock&roll clothes. When I bought the magazine it was the first pattern that caught my eye, but I wasn't sure about how it would look in real life.

Luckily Kitty Couture (I looove her cat!) had already made the skirt, and I loved it!

So I started sewing, and finished it in two days. On the pic I pulled up my shirt to show the skirt's waist. It's got a big pocket on the right and a zipper in the left seam.

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Pineapple reticule

There is a Empire costume and a pineapple reticule from the Kyoto Costume Institute. I've always wanted to own such a cute reticule/bag and when I went to check Ravelry (the online knitting community) for a pattern, it was there!

The patterns also had a colored chart which proved very useful to check my knitting. Unfortunatly I don’t know any Spanish so I translated the pattern back into English, so that the knitting terms were in English again.

Knitting with 2mm dpn’s takes some getting used to, but I managed in the end. And the result is lovely.

The pineapple reticule is originally with beads, but I decided to omit them, and make just a plain pineapple.

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