04 June 2009

Pineapple reticule

There is a Empire costume and a pineapple reticule from the Kyoto Costume Institute. I've always wanted to own such a cute reticule/bag and when I went to check Ravelry (the online knitting community) for a pattern, it was there!

The patterns also had a colored chart which proved very useful to check my knitting. Unfortunatly I don’t know any Spanish so I translated the pattern back into English, so that the knitting terms were in English again.

Knitting with 2mm dpn’s takes some getting used to, but I managed in the end. And the result is lovely.

The pineapple reticule is originally with beads, but I decided to omit them, and make just a plain pineapple.

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Anonymous said...

I think it looks great, where can i get a pattern or could you e-mail me yours.


Welmoed said...

Hi Elaine,

You can find the pattern here:
But you'll have to be a member or sign up to view and download the pattern. Good luck!


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