04 June 2009

Polkadot skirt

As usual I'm all about the planning and not getting to the sewing. But this time I did it.
One free evening I decided to sew a dress from my 'dress-plan'. The black and white polkadot fabric was already in my fabric stash so I only had to get it out. The pattern would be easy, I would make a skirt section (150x50 cm), a belly section and two long parts which would go from under each breast to behind my neck. All said and done, I had too few fabric!
So I decided to make a skirt, which would also look nice. Maybe a skirt was even better with those polkadot's, it would be less conspicuous (not that I don't mind).

I used the pattern from Burda Easyfashion spring/summer 2009. They had a wondeful section with 50's/rock&roll clothes. When I bought the magazine it was the first pattern that caught my eye, but I wasn't sure about how it would look in real life.

Luckily Kitty Couture (I looove her cat!) had already made the skirt, and I loved it!

So I started sewing, and finished it in two days. On the pic I pulled up my shirt to show the skirt's waist. It's got a big pocket on the right and a zipper in the left seam.

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