30 November 2009

Swiss skirt

I've been so busy these last months with all kinds of stuff. It's like I have ADD, I can't seem to concentrate on one project, so I just do many projects at once! So I said to myself today: you're gonna sit down and write a blogpost!

First I want to show you a skirt I made in spring. The fabric was bought at one of the annual spring fabric markets. It's a nice cotton with a red and white print on it, which somehow reminds me of Switzerland? The skirt is made like the one in my last post. But the cotton fabric alone was a little see-through, so instead of lining it, I made a seperate underskirt. The top skirt and the underskirt are only attached at the top, where the waistband begins.

So you see I've attached a ribbon at the center back and which can be tied in the front. At the center back is the zipper. The lace from the underskirt peeks out from under the skirt itself.

And here you can see the underskirt, a simple white cotton rectangle with some lace at the hem. The bonus of this skirt are the two hidden pockets, both on each side. They aren't very deep, so I've had a few accidents of losing my stuff while cycling on my bike. So I'll have to find a solution for that, perhaps a button or two at the 'hidden' entrance.

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paco peralta said...

My best wishes for the Christmas holidays and also for the new year.

Greetings, Paco

Anonymous said...
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Zoe said...

Thanks for getting on board with teh Stash Bustin'! Happy sewing! x


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