29 September 2010


Went to the fabric market again, this time a little further away, about one hour by train. But this market would be twice the size it was two weeks ago, so I had my hopes up about finding some nice fabrics. But it dissappointed me, I only bought two fabrics for two historic coats. Nothing for any modern clothing and that's why I went there in the first place! Well, perhaps next time...

But I did have a lot of fun checking out all the different kinds of people. It had a different atmosphere from last time. Maybe because this is on a workday, not a sunday like last time. So less husbands, less children and no stressed out moms.

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12 September 2010


Well, I love tutorials. Most of the patterns I use from magazines like BWOF (Burda World of Fashion), Knipmode or Patrones has only text to explain how to sew the garment. But most of the time I'm impatient and don't understand half of the written instructions, so I'll just sew it the way I think it will work. That often leads to faults, because I missed an important step (which was written). So I turn to visual instructions online. There are a lot of tutorials online which explain certain steps of sewing. Or they explain how to make that one garment (there are a lot tutorials for skirts...)

This week I've been looking at these tutorials for my fall 2010 sewing:
Ruffles & Roses Circle Skirt Tutorial - and that's just one of the many skirt tutorials she has online! My next project will be a circle skirt, after the beautiful skirts from Louis Vuitton.

I'll sew you!! Rounded Pocket Tutorial - Rounded pockets are tricky to get right and I'm going to use this tutorial to make some nice pockets on that circle skirt.

Sew, Mama, Sew! Wrap Skirt Tutorial - I would love to make a warm wrap skirt for fall.

CraftyGal's Retro Kitchen Apron - My current apron shrunk ánd the colors bled when I washed it. Now it's hidious. I need to make a new one.

Elle Apparel's Pinwheel Skirt - Love this one, but would it work with a more fall apropriate fabric?

Phat Chick Designs Altering a sleeve for a forward shoulder - The title says it all. I always have problems with fitting my sleeves, perhaps this could help?

And a lot of Sewing Tutorials about Pattern Alterations, I'm going to need those when I'm improving my ill-fitting selfmade clothes.

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