02 December 2011

Reenactment Coat

After moving twice I've finally found the time to sew something:

It's a woollen coat for my Napoleonic reenactment. I needed one because I'm always shivering from the cold, even in the summer! Maybe I should move to a warmer country? Last time I was at the Waterloo event, in june, there even was some hail! So, to have it warm at events I made this coat. It's made from a yellow woollen fabric (I'm sorry, I'm not good at describing the wool. Perhaps it's broadcloth?) And it's lined in black cotton. The braids on the front were a pain in the *ss to sew and I've noticed a few of them aren't straight. So I'll have to remove them and sew them on again.

The best part about moving is that I've got my own sewing room! Whoo! You can see a little of it in the pic. I've used a little sidetable to hold my serger and sewing machine, so I could use a big table for the cutting! I'm so happy with it! The best part is that I could just leave all the mess there and not getting bothered by it.

But when you leave something, this could happen....

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