28 May 2012

Summer means Sorbetto

For the past few days the weather's been quite hot and it looks like it'll stay that way a couple of days more. So when I came across the free Sorbetto top pattern from Colette (I love the new spring and summer patterns!), I knew I had to make one. You can get it here!

The top looks easy to make and would be perfect to wear in this kind of weather. The pattern calls for some nice bias tape (or you could make your own), so wearing it solo would be best to show the bias tape off. I knew this pattern would stretch my limits, not sewing-wise, but comfort-wise. I'm not always comfortable with bare arms, but in these hot conditions I'm really forced to. OK, so I had to make this top.

I had a remnant of cherry print fabric laying around. A really cute fabric, but there was so little of it I really had to plan the whole layout of the pattern pieces. That's why I'd never used the fabric before, it was just to difficult finding a pattern I liked and would fit. But the Sorbetto top did!

It was fun making this top. Including printing/taping the pattern it took me about two hours to finish it! All the while I was skyping with my boyfriend. Hurrah for multitasking :-)

If you plan to make Sorbetto I suggest you check these links first:

- The Sew Weekly Seven days of Sorbetto!
- A tutorial on how to turn the Sorbetto into a Little bows blouse
- Check out this Sorbetto-Ginger hybrid dress
- How to turn the Sorbetto into a Toast inspired tunic
- I love Casey's (from Elegant Musings) version

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Taffy in the city

Having fun in the sun, 
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22 May 2012

Taffy blouse

I've just finished my first creation from a Colette pattern. After lusting for it for ages I finally bought the Colette sewing handbook at the ABC. I couldn't get over my luck when I saw the book in the shop, I even got student discount. Even better!

It's a great book!! I recommend it to every seamstress, even beginners. The first pattern that caught my attention was the Taffy blouse. An easy project to begin with and impossible to end in failure. This is the Taffy example from Colette:

The fabric I had in mind for my Taffy was something that had been lying around for ages and I can't even remember when I bought it. But I did remember I didn't spend that much money on it, so it wouldn't be a waste when my Taffy would fail (which would be impossible, remember?).

Well, although the pattern would be foolproof, I did make a mistake. I didn't plan the layout of the patternpieces, so when I came to cutting the backpart... there wasn't enough fabric to put it on the fold...
I had to cut to pieces of the back and sew it together centre-back. Well, nothing serious wrong, it still looks nice enough to wear it.

The binding is made of dark blue duchesse sating biastape. I think it looks better than biastape of self fabric. The fabric was a pain in the *ss to cut and sew! It was so slippery!

In progress:

The result! The neckopening is a bit to big, one end tends to slip of my shoulder. And there's the possibility of brastrap showing (something I hate). Next time I'll make it, it will be a smaller size. But in the end, I'm satisfied with it. The easy thing about this blouse are the straps at the back. You can pull them in as much as you want and gives it a whole different look. So I really suggest you try this pattern!

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