27 June 2012

Copycat dot skirt

image from Knipmode
When I finished my last sewing project, the Sorbetto top, I still felt the need to sew something new. It's like some sort of creatingmojo, when I'm in it I can't stop creating new things. And very, very soon after I finished the Sorbetto, the new Knipmode edition fell on my doormath. So I had to make something. My eyes were lured to this dotted skirt. Exactly the same fabric was in my fabric stash! So why not kill two birds with one stone: destash my fabricstash and make a new skirt!

It was an easy skirt to make, because Knipmode had an instruction on how to sew and press the pleats. I can recommend this pattern, it's quick and easy. Well, I must admit it: I didn't use any lining... That's just too much hassle for a summerskirt in my opinion. And if I want some more volume/body to it, I'll wear it with an underskirt/petticoat.

So off I went! The most difficult thing about this pattern is the drawing of it. I really hate having to draw the patterns myself and it takes me so long to figure out which lines I'll have to follow. But my mom told me I didn't have to worry and it would only take a few minutes. Well her confidence helped me!

a view of the pleats on the inside of the skirt
And the result!

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