10 August 2012

Again 40's flowers!

After finishing the 1940's dress, I got the hang of it. It was an easy pattern to sew and I wanted to make some more. After wearing it I really wanted to make more of this dress, because it fits so good and I feel wonderful wearing it.

I remembered some fabric I used for another dress (this one|) but I hated that dress (someone once asked me if I was pregnant whilst I wore it!). So I wanted to use the fabric from the dress and some scraps I had left to make this 40's dress out of it. It took me quite some puzzling, but I managed to squeeze all the patterns pieces out of the fabric! It's rayon, I believe, and drapes nicely.

By the way, the Burda archives are accesible through the French website. Hurrah!


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Pretty Little Pictures said...

Wow, this is so gorgeous! What an amazing pattern!

Anthea said...

Kom net via mijn eigen blog op jouw blog. Leuk jurkje! Ik ben ook Fries :)


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