07 January 2014

Finished knitting projects

Years ago, before I knew how to knit, I used to hate those sewing blogs who posted knitted things as well! I liked browsing the old blog posts full of sewing, but the moment I saw some knitting it put me off. But now I do know how to knit and have learned to love it. At this moment I really love it when someone shows her knitted stuff along with her homemade clothes.

So it's time to show my recently finished objects!

My winterbird mittens
Project details are on my Ravelry page (you need to be a member to view it). It was a hybrid from this pattern and this pattern. They turned out great! I've made a knitted lining for it (exactly the same pattern, but in one colour), so it's extra warm. And boy, did I need that on the day these pictures were taken. Such a cold wind!

The Quick Knit 1940's jumper
Ravelry details are here. This jumper is made using the pattern from Flossy and Dossy. I wanted to make a 1940's style jumper to wear to re-enactment events and something that would be quick to make. Et voilĂ ! It took no time at all to make this and it's a very easy mock cable knit that's easy to remember. Knitted this whilst waiting for my part in a movie as an extra.


A very easy to knit beret using my leftover yarns of the Quick knit jumper.


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