20 March 2014


A long long time ago, I made some black slacks using the Burdastyle Easy Pattern from autumn/winter 2007. If you're not familiar with Burdastyle easy, it's called easy because the patterns are printed and you only have to cut it out in the right size. And they are not the most complicated models. 
the Burda pattern photo

Pattern drawing. My slacks are without the front opening and the pocketflaps at the back
So, I made these in black, but as usual I didn't make a mock-up. I liked the slacks when they were done, but somehow the tummy part was a bit tight, which pulled up the crotch area. So it gave me a bit of a cameltoe :-|

Years and years the slacks were in the back of my closet, never made it into the garbage bin because I don't want throw something I made away.

And a few weeks ago I wanted to make slacks again. This time with a 40's vibe, because I would like to wear it to re-enactment as well. I bought the fabric at the market, about 2m for 4€. 


To achieve a somewhat 1940's look I changed the center-zipper to a side button opening. This was a bit fiddly, because of the pockets but it worked.

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Anthea said...

Nice! Een van mijn UFO's is ook een broek (slacks) :)


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