10 March 2014


This is my new six gore skirt. It's made with a nice plaid wool and it has a tiny sliver of silver(colour) woven in it. Looks and feels very nice to the touch, but it screams to me: winter fabric. I bought it somewhere in the fall with the intention to make a dress out of it, but somehow I just not got around to it and thought the colours wouldn't suit me. With the nice weather/spring coming up I knew I had to make something out of it soon! Otherwise I wouldn't use it again untill next fall. 

So one evening I decided I wanted a simple skirt and browsed internet for a guide to make a gored skirt. I love the flare of six-gored skirt, so I chose that one. And because I'm too lazy to sew eight gores...

The fabric did make the cutting lay-out a bit difficult. Because the stripes have to match, I had to put the pattern pieces far apart and very carefully had to match the stripes up. This left me with a lot of fabric left-over-bits, but I had enough fabric (3 metres) and it had only cost me € 7,50. So no nightmares of wasting expensive fabric. If you look closely at the skirt you'll notice the stripes not 100% matching, but I don't care. 

I used this guide for making the pattern. It took me about one episode of "Murder, she wrote" to draw the pattern and cutting the fabric (I know, I know, it's a horrible show, but somehow I couldn't get myself to change the channel, because I like Jessica Fletchers clothing. It looked a lot like the skirt I was about to make!).

The sewing was easy, just a lot of seams and seam finishing. The closure is a lapped (metal)zipper and a hook in the waistband. I love metal zippers, they look nice, are sturdy and I won't have to fear for melting-disasters when I iron over it. The skirt is unlined, so if I'm wearing this skirt with panty/leggings I'll have to use a seperate underskirt or underdress.

Conclusion: I love this skirt and the colours give it the right spring vibe! At first glance I thought of it being a winterfabric, but my mind has changed and I like it more as a spring skirt. The pink and yellow are brightening it up and the woolpart makes it suitable for the still chilly days. 

And I'm thinking about making a bustier from the leftover fabric, so I can wear it as a dress, like I first had in mind for this fabric.

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