14 April 2014

Amsterdam Parfait

The description for this dress is: A versatile dress designed to be worn as either a sun dress or layered over a shirt or blouse as a pinafore style in cooler weather. Features a gathered bust and flattering curved midriff that fits snugly around the high waist. The straps and gathered pockets fasten with buttons. Skirt is a gently flared six-gore style. Closes with a side invisible zipper.

I finished my Amsterdam Parfait! And I really like how it turned out! It's very versatile, I can wear it as a sundress in the summertime or wear it with a cardigan when it's still cool in springtime. The colours of the map (light blue, yellow and green) make it easy to combine the dress with other clothes/shoes. And it makes a very interesting and noticable dress. And just plain crazy...because some men could take it as an excuse to follow the roads with their finger... I choose red buttons for this dress, because they remind me of those "you are here" dots on maps. 


The pattern first appealed to me because of the bust section and the pockets. I love pockets on skirts and dresses! The thing I don't like about the pattern is the length of the skirt. It hits my legs a fair way above my knees and it's not something I'm very comfortable with. This was the reason I've waited for a year to find to courage to sew this pattern. I know it sounds a little bit like I'm an old lady, but I don't like very short skirts. But my boyfriend likes the look and lenght of this dress and he thinks it makes me youthful and sportive. So I should just get used to wearing this lenght! Strange how ten years ago I had absolutely no problem with wearing miniskirts, but the last couple of years I didn't feel comfortable with it. 

Besides the lenght, the pattern is very nice. The waist is very high, not on the natural waist. If you're shortwaisted it shouldn't be a problem, but if you're longwaisted you should first make a mock-up and see if you like the lenght. I did make a mock-up of the pattern, mostly because I know that Colette patterns run rather large in the back. I have a very small back, so of course the size I choose (sz8) for my mock-up was much too large! About 2 inches. So after adjusting it on my pattern I cut it all out (there are a lot of pattern pieces for the top part) and had to carefully check if I didn't get any strange map-parts on the frontpieces. One thing that did confused me was the buttonhole placement. They were on both the front tab and the front strap pattern pieces. The sewing guide didn't specific on which one the buttonhole should be! So I looked at how all the other seamstresses made the dress and made the buttonholes on the front strap. 

I made a lapped zipper in this dress, because I was too lazy to buy an invisible zipper and I had enough normal zippers in my stash. The other thing I skipped was the interfacing. The fabric I used was quite stiff enough, so I thought that the facing and dresspieces should give it enough body, and it does. And I skipped doubling the pocket fabric. If you use a normal/thin fabric it's not a problem to make the pocket out of two fabrics, but mine was so thick it that I knew it wouldn't gather very good. And the pocket turned out okay. It was just a little bit more work with turning the seam allowance in and topstitching it. The trick is to iron the hell out of it! 

pocket inside view, no lining! Gasp!

A couple of lovely inspirational Parfaits: here, here and here!

Gertie has made a good tutorial on how to adjust the Parfait for a small bust: here.

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Amy Plaza said...

I love it! I've been wanting to buy this pattern but keep waiting... probably since I have 101 other things to make - but I will done day! Yours is gorgeous :D And the length looks good!

-That's Sew Amy

Nienke said...

Een wat kortere rok staat je goed! :) Je bent er zeker niet te oud voor. Leuk patroon met stofkeuze!

Welmoed said...

Thank you & dankje!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love the fabric! :-D


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