13 July 2014

Mermaid Cambie

My mermaid dress! Or that's how my boyfriend like to call it. He thinks the fabric looks like fish scales and it makes me look like I'm half fish-half woman. When at first I wanted to use the fabric with the 'scales' pointing up, he even told me put the fabric with the 'scales' down. To make me really fishlike :P

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon and made a Cambie dress! It seems like every seamstress out there has made at least one. And I really understand why: it is a flattering dress, the big skirt can hide a tummy, the sleeves are not too big or difficult to sew, the bodice has a nice heart shape, and pockets. Pockets!! I love them. So a lot of things that made me want to sew one as well and with all the beautiful dresses from the seamstresses inspiring me, what could go wrong?

I ordered the pattern from the Sewaholic website and that went perfectly, the pattern arrived very quick for an international order. The fabric is a find from Zeeman and was supposed to be a cotton table cloth. I immediately liked the pattern and colour, so I wanted to make a dress of it. I used the pattern's body measurements for choosing a size and didn't make a mock-up/toile. Oh! That's me being naughty! Always make a mock-up. Most of the time I get away with not making one, but this time it really did bite me in the ass. You can read more about it in my pattern review.

The nice thing about Sewaholic is that they have a great guide to sewing the lining on their website. The sewing instructions on paper are a bit short, so having this photo guide is helpen immensely! I made me learn a new way of putting in a lining! Something I know I will use many times again with future projects. Although I did have troubles putting the blind zipper in, it was only because of the fit (too loose) and somehow I managed to have no trouble at all with the scale patterns matching at the zipper :D

the skirt lining
A few days ago Sewaholic made the Cambie pattern also available for a print-at-home PDF download. With the difference being only $6 I'm suggesting you should buy the paper pattern. It just has a nicer feeling to it when you're holding a paper pattern in your hands. On the other hand, the plus of a PDF pattern, is that when you've cut out the wrong size, you can print it again. And again. And again...

Are you going to sew a Cambie? You should take a look at these Cambie 'hacks':
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Anthea said...

Hij is leuk geworden! Mooi stofje!

Volgens mij ben ik een van de weinigen die nog geen Cammie heeft gemaakt.

Hij staat wel op mijn to do list, dus wie weet.

Katrina said...

Hi! Thanks so much for sharing a link to my Cambie top! Your version is beautiful and you did a wonderful job of matching up those scales at the back zipper :)

Katrina @ Susie Homemaker, MD


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