08 September 2014

Another skinny

Well, I did it, I made granny jeans! I' not ashamed of it, no, I'm proud of it. Finally a comfortable jeans! The granny part of it is the elastic waistband. I based this skinny jeans on a jeans I already had and which I had taken apart for a pattern. I knew the jeans would fit me well, because of the original one. The only different thing is the length! There's about 4 inches added... And now I finally own a pair of jeans which is too long!

The front. 

It doesn't have a zipper, or even fake zipper topstitching. I was too lazy and I will be wearing this mostly with long shirts. 

The back.

It does look a little bit tight (horizontal wrinkles on my thighs), but after wearing it for a while and a couple of washes there's enough stretch to it. 

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