29 December 2014

Knitting time!

After all the hectic summer work and reenactment weekends  I finally get to relax. I've put my sewing machine in the cupboard, cleaned up my sewing space (my boyfriend was happy to have the whole kitchentable free of sewing clutter) and started with a couple of knitting projects. There's nothing more I love to do in the autumn than sitting on the couch with a knitting project, the stormy autumn weather outside, some candles lighted and a cup of tea.

My first knitting project this autumn was a cardigan for me! It's made using the Hetty Cardigan pattern.
This pattern is really lovely and knitted topdown, so no seaming! I've never used this technique before, but it was not so hard to learn, you just follow the directions. By Gum By Golly made a great tutorial for knitting the sleeves top-down, with a lot of pictures, it really made knitting the sleeves more visual for me. More details are on my Ravelry page.

The hardest part was getting the lace pattern right on the sleeves. Only after finishing my second sleeve I noticed that I'd knitted the lace pattern on both sleeves different! Wah! So I had to frog one and knit it again in the right lace pattern so they matched. 

My different sleeves! Even the length was different...don't know where my head was when I knit this.
The following knitting projects are made for my boyfriend, because he re-enacts the Great War and he loves to dress up correctly. So I used this free knittting book from 1918 and made him a: balaclava, a pearshaped cap and a muffler.

Next on my needles: Lady Sybil's Sweater. 
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