16 March 2015

Lady Sybil's cardigan

For a while now I wanted to knit my own 1910's cardigan.

The next couple of years there will be a quite lot of WWI re-enactment events which I will attend. Up until now the events I attended were blessed with perfect weather (perhaps a bit too hot). But when the sun goes down, it does get quite chilly at an event. Even when there's a campfire. So, to get warm I want to wear a cardigan. Easy to wear on top of my dress and easy to take off when it does get warm.

I found some period knitting books online. Here and here.

This is a lovely example of something I would want to knit.

The books have lovely patterns for cardigan. But most of them are knitted with thin yarn and small needles. Something I don't want to do, because it will take me forever to finish it. So I wanted to use a big yarn and big needles.

After searching on Ravelry, I found this Lady Sybil's sweater pattern. It's made for a bigger needle size and it looks like it will be an easy knit. And it was!

It took me a week to finish this cardigan. Wow, I have never knitted a cardigan this quick! Look for more knitting details here.

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