16 April 2015

Armistice blouse

This blouse was made using the Folkwear #210 Armistice Blouse pattern.

The Dreamstress gives a very good tip about using tape instead of selfmade ties and about using bias tape for instead of the fabric front facing. With me using silk I didn't even think about making my own front facing, much too fussy with slippery silk.

I've read a lot of complaints about the sleeves being too long. But since I'm a long-armed girl, I just kept the sleeves as they were. And perhaps, after wearing this for a whole day, I get the feeling the sleeves are a bit short for me. When I stretch my arms, the sleeves don't give a lot of movement, they get stuck on my arms. Of course, it could be because I made the cuffs rather tight. I'll change the button placement and after I've done that, I'll check again if the sleeves feel so short.  

The silk was rather difficult to sew with. I don't have a lot of experience with this slippery silk, most of the time I use taffeta silk, which is much crispier and sews easier. Making the tucks in the silk was a really stupid thing to do. Fussy work! So, if you're using a slippery fabric, forgo the tucks. 

I changed the placement of the bib part. It was a bit too low for my 1910's taste. If I did it like the placement guide says, it will be too low and show my corset cover and perhaps my chemise. So, I just put it higher on the blouse. It would mean the bottom isn't totally covered, but I don't care, that will mostly be under my skirt, so nobody will get to see it.

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