08 April 2015

Boyfriend Shirts

I like wearing long shirts with my skinny jeans, well at least long enough to cover up the fact that I don't have a zip in the jeans. Shopping for the shirts I like seems impossible, I can't find the shirts I like anywhere! The shirt I search for needs to be long and have something of a waist definition.
And you know, if you can't find the thing you like, you'll have to make it yourself.

After seeing the Great British Sewing Bee books, I decided to sew the boyfriend shirt pattern. But with an addition: a drawstring at the waistline. The pattern is available here, they didn't include the patterns in the book, but made them available for download on their website. So everyone who knows where the patterns are can download and sew them. But the difficult thing is the missing sewing directions (because they are obviously in the book). But how hard can sewing a shirt be?

Not that hard, because I made two of them! Both of them in a viscose, so it's easy washable and doesn't need ironing. 

It's a nice and easy pattern to use. The thing I changed was the width of the shoulders, I made them smaller. And of course I added the drawstring waist. 

With the flower shirt version I made the sleeves longer and gathered into a small cuff, which closes with a button. 

sleeves down, closes with a button

The sleeves can be worn rolled up (held with a button and tab).

The pale pink version:

I am very happy with these two shirts! Very easy to wear!

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