27 April 2015

Happy King's Day!

Today is the national celebration of King's Day! It's a day with a lot of secondhand junk being sold, drinking beers and just having a great time with friends. And of course, it's a day off for most people. It's a very fun thing to watch all the people celebrating it in their orange clothes with crazy orange accessories. Dutch people can get crazy with orange...

Last year's edition I wore a handmade orange dress, but unfortunately I couldn't find the dress today. So strange, I swore I saw the dress this past year almost every week at the bottom of my wardrobe, but when the day is there to wear it I can't find it. Very frustrating and I'm glad my boyfriend doesn't mind me very much when I run around the house, trying frantically to find it and turning everything upside down in the progress. The house now looks like a bomb exploded ;-) 

Anyway, in my search I found my Amsterdam Parfait and eventually I had to admit that it would be a good alternative. King's Day is really great for wearing crazy clothes and the Amsterdam dress falls into that category. So, I combined it with a royal blue legging and blazer. Perfect! 

I did get quite a lot of compliments from strangers on this dress. It really stood out amongst all those orange costumes and people noticed it. So in the end, it was a good thing I couldn't find my orange dress. Amsterdam Parfait saved the day :-)

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Renée said...

Ik kan me best voorstellen dat je wel op viel tussen al het oranje! :D Ik mis koningsdag!


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