26 April 2015

Needles & blouse fabric

Just before I went on a two-week trip to Scotland, I noticed some funny sewing related things. 

The first thing I noticed was when I grabbed a new needle for in my sewing machine. I had recently bought a new package of needles, because it sucks having a needle break and not having a new one! When opening the package to get a needle, I saw that they had a colour on them. Which means that every needle thickness has a different colour. Wow! Finally somebody had thought of this clever trip and now no seamstress ever has to get her magnifying loop to see which needle she puts in her sewing machine! 

The second thing I noticed was when I got to read the may edition of the Knipmode (Dutch sewing magazine). In the extra  that was included with this edition, was a blouse in the same fabric as my Boyfriend shirt! Yay! So funny to see the fabric in a magazine, I never thought it would happen. But I do think the blouse pattern looks a bit boxy and too short. I will never make it. 

the Knipmode blouse

my blouse

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