08 June 2015

Me-Made-May'15 fail

I failed at the Me Made May 2015!

I made the promise to wear at least one me made item per day in May. Well, I thought it wouldn't be that hard, right? I own a lot of me-made clothing and there are even days when I wear a complete outfit made by me. But this May all the weekends I had a re-enactment and some of them really stole all my time away. Which left me with no energy to pick some me-made clothing to wear in the days between the re-enactment weekends. And to be fair, most of those weekdays I had to work, which means I wear my work clothes. They aren't handmade by me ;-) 

So Me Made May 2015 for me meant: wearing historically me-made items in the weekend and wearing my me-made jeans in the weekdays. I didn't take any pictures of it during the week, why would I want to make pictures of the same jeans every day? Boring right? So no proof of the me-made-may for me and a feeling of failing. 

Which led me to the thought that Me-Made-May isn't something for me. I wear a lot of handmade clothes throughout the year. And it gives me great enjoyment to wear my own made clothes and I feel good in them. I feel that documenting this Me-Made-May is more for the people who don't wear a lot of me-made items and to encourage them to wear it proudly. Because most of the time people are afraid of wearing their own creations and throw them somewhere in a dark corner of their closet. I did that in the first years when I made something, the clothes didn't fit with the rest of my clothes or just weren't fitting properly. Now years later and with more sewing experience I have a lot of handmade clothes in my closet. I just don't feel like taking a picture every time I'm wearing it...

Did you participate in the Me-Made-May'15? How do you feel about it? Did it make you wear more me-made clothes?

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Friederike said...

I took part for the first time and I liked it. Taking a selfie a day is horrible but it's optional, so no reason to complain. But I'm not sure if I will take part next year. I wear a lot of me made garments anyway and Me Made May didn't force me to wear the ones I don't like as much as others, sadly. Maybe I'll take part again when I feel able to do a "only me made garments"-pledge someday.

Welmoed said...

I agree with you, maybe I'll join you in a "only me made garments"-pledge someday. That's more of a challenge! But how far will you go with "only". Me made bra & undies & socks as well? Or only the outer garments?


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