09 August 2015

Cherries Outfit-A-Long 2015

Did you hear about the Outfit-A-Long hosted by Lladybird and Andi Satterlund? It's something different than the Me-Made-May and that's what caught me. The Outfit-A-Long is about making a whole outfit: a dress and cardigan. Most of the time the 'a-longs' are about creating one garment, either knit or sewn. But this time it's to garments to make a complete outfit.  Well, deciding to join wasn't very hard, because I love all the knitting patterns of Andi Satterlund and I have enough dress patterns. 

I feel so inspired by all those lovely pictures at Instagram: look for them under #oal2015. 
First I thought of using the Colette Parfait pattern and a light blue chambray-like fabric. But in the end I changed my mind about the light blue, I always have trouble using that colour in my wardrobe. A different fabric was needed and a rummage in my fabric stash (in the secret compartment of this couch), I found the perfect fabric. 

I made a Parfait before and was very happy with the pattern. Although I don't wear the Parfait dress not very much, it isn't because of the pattern but because the fabric is very distinctive. 

This time the fabric is better suited for everyday wear. It's a nice cherryprinted black cotton. It has that nice retro dress feeling and it's been in my stash for ages, forgotten at the bottom of my Ikea sofa. Finally I was going to use this fabric! The only problem: it was a very thin, almost see-through cotton... O dear. The Parfait dress isn't lined, so if I would just use this fabric without modifications, I would end up with a see-through dress! Not something I want to wear! 

Solution: I bought a light black cotton at the local market, 3 metres for 10€. This would be the lining. 
Unfortunately I can't remember how much the cherry printed fabric had cost, but I do remember they were coupons because of a misprint. So i'm guessing it costs me about 10-15€.  

The patterns uses fusible interfacing. I bought mine here and it cost me 1,60€. 

You need two buttons for the tabs, I made mine using a Flying Tiger fabric button kit. Can't remember the cost, but I'm guessing it's 3€. 

Total costs: 29,60€. That's without the pattern and yarn. The dress would have been cheaper if I didn't need that black cotton. 

The pictures are made on the biennial Dutch Royal Navy days. A lovely day with sunshine and lots of ships to look at! (and don't forget the sailors and marines ;-)). 

Changes I made:
- The skirt pattern pieces are lenghtened with 12 cm and are slightly flared. 
- The skirt is lined with black cotton. 
- The bodice pieces are first underlined. 
- The bodice has a lining made of black cotton. 
- I left the facing in fabric out. I cut the only out of fusible interfacing and ironed them on the lining pieces. I saw that idea here

- The straps weren't right the first time, so I had to unpick them. After positioning them in the right place, I topstitched them. That's because the straps are sewn between the fabric and lining. The lining was already in place, so sewing it between those two layers was impossible.

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Bonita Vear said...

I love that cherry print; it's so cute and a perfect pairing with the dress pattern. A lovely make! :)

Welmoed said...

Thank you!


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