03 September 2015

On the needles

Next project on my knitting needles is the Deco cardigan. It looks like I'm knitting a lot of cardigans, that's because I want to prepare for the autumn chill. I don't have a lot of cardigans I can wear with skirts or dresses. For that purpose they need to be waist length and all of my store-bought cardigans are hip length. 

gin&tonic and knitting: perfect

So I'm knitting this pattern. It's a simple pattern and it's knitted from the bottom up and seamless. That's so lovely to knit! For the sleeves I'm learning a new short row technique. It's called Sunday Short Rows (or Wrapless short rows) and actually a very easy way to knit in sleeves. With the standard wrap&turn short rows I always forget which stitch I need to put on which needle. The Sunday Short Rows uses a contrast yarn, so you never forget where you are! In the last picture you see my contrast yarn, it's white so not very noticeable! 

The yarn is the beautiful Excelana and bought in Edinburg, at Kathy's Knits. The colour is Nile Green, don't you just love that name?

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