29 November 2015

My first Lady Skater dress!

My first selfmade stretch dress! Yay!

I bought this nice knit fabric at the local market, paid 15€ for 1.6 metres of fabric. The moment I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. The lady selling the fabric tried to show me some more nice knit fabrics, but it was this one that I coveted. It was my favourite colour, dark blue, and in a pattern, so not too boring.

But.. there was only 1.6 metres left on the bolt... Could I make a dress out of it? At first I googled a bit, to try and find Indy patterns for dresses and looking at their fabric requirements. Most of them needed about 2 metres. So byebye dress plan :-(

So, I started looking at patterns for sweaters and skirts. Maybe make something out of the ook Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, no, that book is in the storage and probably in the boxes at the back. So no option.

But still the dress kept looming in the back of my mind.

And then I found it! The Lady Skater Dress pattern!

Yes, of course, how silly of me not to think of this dress. I've seen this dress made so many times on the blogs I follow. So why did I forget about it? After looking at the fabric requirement I was positive it would fit on my fabric. Of course most patterns base their amount of fabric you need on the largest size.

I found it funny to base my size on the highbust measurement, this is the first time I came across a pattern who uses this method. Well, this is the first time I made a knit dress ;-)
Measuring all it became clear I needed a size 3.

But first, I needed to buy the PDF pattern. And what in pain in the *ss that was! Tuesday I looked the pattern up on their website. Wednesday I tried to buy it (after finally deciding I wanted it), but then the wesite was under maintenance. Well ok, waited a couple of hours, tried it again, but now the whole website was gone! Oh dear. I thought it would still be those same maintenance troubles, so I waited again a couple of hours. Tried it again, same problem. This time I googled a bit, and came across a message on Facebook from the seller.
Ah, so that's the problem! Ok, went to the new website. Tried to buy it with Paypal. Didn't work. Aaah, I was so frustrated!  It seems more people had the same problem.

Finally I worked it out and started printing the pattern, only to find out that my colour ink was almost gone. And of course the different sizes are marked in different colours on the pattern, just my luck. Well, I worked it out in the end, taped the pattern together and could just see the line for size.

So I ended up taping the pattern pieces together at 10 p.m. and kept on sewing till 1 am. Almost finished by then! The next day I only had to sew the sleeve ends and hem the skirt.

And I'm so happy with it! The pattern is really easy and the sewing guide is perfect! Quite a lot of pictures which helped me a lot with sewing my first stretch dress and sewing with clear elastic for the first time. Such an easy thing to use, but what a change it makes.

All the website troubles aside I can really recommend this pattern, to beginners and to experienced seamstresses.

without belt
I love this dress and I'm guessing there will be many more Lady Skater dresses made in the future... 

On the same day I wore it for the first time, I went to buy new knit fabric :D 
Came home with these beauties:

i love the foxes!
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