02 January 2016

Yes, another one

Allright, I have to admit it: my last post ended with my newly bought fabric, so you should have seen this coming.

I made another Lady Skater dress. After the first successful Lady Skater dress you didn't think I'd leave it with one, right? The fabric I used is a polkadot Ponte di Roma.The fabric is nice firm and washes well. 

What more it is there to say about this pattern and construction?

It's such an easy pattern! I really recommend it to beginners. I don't see myself as a beginner seamstress anymore, but I've never sewn jersey/stretch fabrics before. So in the stretch area I really am a beginner. But not anymore! Made a second Lady Skater dress and I'm guessing many more will follow. 

One thing I did change for this dress: made the sleeves 8 cm longer. I really have long arms... 

A couple of lovely Lady Skater dresses other seamstresses made:

- By Gum by Golly's Lady Skater
- Lladybird's Lady Skater
- Ingemaakt's Lady Skater

Funny thing: while reading the new Knipmode januari edition I saw this fabric! This is the second time I made something and seeing the fabric in the Knipmode after finishing the item. 

I must admit the pattern they used isn't very flattering... It's a stretch, but somehow they made the dress look like it's from a stiff cotton. Such a shame. 

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