22 November 2016

Nettie dress

After my first successful attempt at sewing with knits (my Lady Skater dress), I felt the need to sew more stretch dresses! They're so comfortable to wear, yes, my perfect comfort clothes consist of a dress, warm tights and a woollen cardigan. 

Lladybird inspired me, she made some T-shirts from the Nettie pattern. I loved her glowing review of the pattern and decided to buy it.

And it truly is as she says: the Nettie patttern comes with a lot of options and is very fitted. I made my dress from a very stretchy thick knit, bought with my birthday money :-) 
I don't think I will ever make the low back opening option...even though the pattern provides you with directions to sew a bra inside it, I just don't feel safe without a separate bra + straps. 

It's an easy pattern to sew, even without a serger. Having problems with my serger right now, so sewing everything on my sewing machine. The instructions are easy to follow. I'd recommend it to a beginning knit seamstress! But...you do have to be careful with your choice of fabric. There is quite a lot of negative ease in this dress, so unless you use thick fabric, everything you wear underneath will be visible bumps and lumps. 

So if you aren't afraid to wear body-con dresses, make this pattern! 

Here, here and here are some lovely made Nettie dresses I adore. 

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